Building Management System

Building Management System

Building Management System (BMS) provides monitoring and controls of the building mechanical and electrical (M&E) services installed in the building. It collects data, performs alarm analysis, schedules equipment operations, and provides interfacing to other services such as air-con mechanical ventilation (ACMV), electrical, fire, plumbing/sanitary, lift and other miscellaneous alarm monitoring. The justifications in installing a BMS system are numerous, namely central monitoring and controlling, energy savings management analysis tool, prolong equipment life, manpower savings, etc. the net effects on operations in maintaining a large building are fewer personnel but more highly skilled, less use of feet with more use of brains, users gain in understanding of M&E system, more sophisticated troubleshooting, etc.

BMS Architecture

Typical BMS system consists of the following main components:

a) BMS Software
b) Network Controller
c) DDC Field Controller
d) Sensor, Actuator

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